Nagano Business and Language College

ながの びじねす がいご かれっじ

専門学校 長野ビジネス外語カレッジ(NBL)

― Introducing NBL to international students ―

Q: Where is NBL located?

A: in Ueda city, Nagano prefecture

Ueda is a good place!
  • 200km from Tokyo (80min by the bullet train)
  • Population of 150,000
  • Gorgeous mountains and nature
  • Student friendly atmosphere with universities and colleges
  • Hosts a good number of international students

Because Ueda city is not big,

You will find a lot of time for yourself.
  • You can walk or bike to school.
  • You can walk of bike to your part-time jobs, too.
You won’t feel lonely.
  • Friends are always around.
  • It takes minutes to get to school and talk to teachers when you need.

▼Campus Guide


Career Support

90.9%* of NBL students get a job offer

*98.6% last year (before Covid-19)

Whether to get a job or enter a Japanese university, NBL teachers will guide you through.

Talk individually

Introduce lots of jobs

Give internship opportunities


The two interviews of the hotel I am working now was held on NBL campus. This was great help for me as an international student.

Tram (Vietnam)
Route-Inn Hotels
Hotel, Tochigi prefecture
from Sendagaya Japanese College


Teachers at NBL helped me whenever I needed. They assisted me a lot, from preparing CV to rehearsing for interviews, to meet the Japanese customs.

Han Ei (China)
Willof Work, Inc.
Staffing Agency, Osaka
from MANABI Japanese Language Institute

Want to study at a Japanese university? Every year, our students get accepted to universities.

    ●拓殖大学 ●山梨学院大学 ●新潟産業大学 ●山梨英和大学 ●北京語言大学 東京校 ●東海大学 ●帝京大学 ●東京理科大学 ●山梨学院大学 ●事業創造大学院大学 ●京都情報大学院大学 ●名古屋経済大学 ●電気通信大学 (2019度実績)

Two years at NBL, and then?

After graduating from NBL, some stay in Nagano and others move to elsewhere, like Tokyo and Osaka.

NBL graduates are successful in various places in Japan. Study hard with us for two years, and you can go anywhere you want in this country.

Prefectures moved to after graduating

NBL Alumni

紀州鉄道 軽井沢ホテル
NBL日本語学科 出身

NBL日本語学科 出身

MANABI外語学院 長野校 出身

ハンナ サラさん(フィリピン)
紀州鉄道 軽井沢ホテル
ISIランゲージスクール 出身

NBL日本語学科 出身

NBL日本語学科 出身

成田空港 旅客ハンドリング
NBL日本語学科 出身

NBL日本語学科 出身

環太平洋大学短期大学部 出身


Departments and Courses

Global Business Department

Study business and brush up Japanese for a career opportunity.

Global Business Course

A course with students of various nationalities. The study ranges from business management and marketing, to project work. You can continue to study Japanese to pursue for JLPT N1 and N2, to achieve the final goal: to get employed in Japan.

Perfect if interested in working in a hotel.

Tourism Hospitality Course

The course is designed for those who want to work in a hotel in Japan. The study includes Japanese manners and appropriate usage of the language. You will be offered opportunities to work part-time or internship in a resort hotel in Nagano. Hotels in Japan now have great possibilities regardless of nationalities.

International Communication Department

Khóa thông dịch Nhật Việt

Japanese-Vietnamese Translation Course

Rèn luyện chuyên sâu kỹ năng đa ngôn ngữ và văn hóa. Trở thành thông dịch viên / phiên dịch viên hoạt động độc lập hoặc làm cho các công ty quan hệ giữa Việt Nam và Nhật Bản.

Get JLPT and TOEIC to pursue a career in Japan.

English Career Course

A lot of English classes. Students study for TOEIC and JLPT, in order for a good position in a company or entering/transferring to a four-yesr university. You will be surrounded with Japanse students, who are the majority in this course. This course is for those who already have JLPT N2 or above.

Q: What time does the class start?

A: It depends on the course and the year you are in. The class time is 90minutes, and you will take 15 classes a week. Saturdays and Sundays are off.

Q: Do you have long vacations?

A: Yes. You can work 40 hours a week during the summer, winter and spring vacations.

  • Summer vacation: early August to mid October
  • Winter vacation: late December to early January
  • Spring vacation: mid March to early April

Weekly Schedule

授業1 授業7 授業10 授業13
授業2 授業4 授業8 授業11 授業14
授業3 授業5 授業9 授業12
授業6 授業15

Life and Financing

Q: Could I get a part-time job in Ueda?

A: Yes. Ueda city is full of international students working part-time.

There are a lot of part-time opportunities in places like convenience stores, restaurants, shopping malls and factories. Many students find themselves working comfortably together with NBL schoolmates. On weekends and vacations, you can work or do internship at a resort hotel, too.

Q: Any student dormitory available?

A: Yes, there are two. Both are new and in walking distance from school.

[Dormitory Fees]

  • Triple room 32,000yen/month
  • Twin room 39,000yen or 43,000yen/month
  • Single room 65,000yen/month

★料金割引キャンペーン中! >>

A lot of inexpensive apartments are available in Ueda, too.

Apartments are everywhere in Ueda, and a lot of NBL students choose to rent it. Some students pay only around 20,000yen for their rent.

Tuition (2022)

Q: Would the tuition fees be lowered?

A: There are reductions and exemptions for qualified students.
  1. Early application (by December 23): 60,000yen off
  2. 95% attendance: 100,000yen off
  3. Currently live outside Nagano: 50,000yen off
  4. High Japansese proficiency: 100,000yen or 150,000yen off

*Without reduction and exemption, 860,000yen first year (760,000yen second year)

Q: When do I pay?

A: You pay 300,000yen to 510,000yen (or all the tuition) before school starts.
  • 「入学手続き期限」Admission deadline => Pay the enrollment fee 100,000yen
  • 「初回学費納入期限」Deadline for the first payment => Pay part of tuition 200,000yen to 410,000yen*
  • The remaining tuition amount will be paid before June 24, 2022*

*The amount of the first payment varies depending on the reductions and exemptions that apply to you.
*If payment is divided, 10,000yen is additionally charged.

If you mark 95% attendance and currently live outside Nagano prefecture, and apply at the exam term 5,

  1. Your first payment 100,000yen is due February 4, 2022.
  2. Then 200,000yen is due February 25.
  3. Finally you pay 360,000yen before June 24.

Application and Admission Schedule

Application and Admission

About the exam.

Examination has three processes.
  • Document screening
  • A written test for Japanese proficiency*
  • An interview

*Students with JLPT N2 or above are exempted from the Japanese test.

Examination fee is 20,000yen

You pay the examination fee before submitting application documents.

Application Flow

Exams can be taken at NBL, in Tokyo or online.

Test Veune in Ueda (@NBL)

Test Veune in Tokyo (Ikebukuro)

▼School Address
〒386-0012 長野県上田市中央3-5-18
専門学校 長野ビジネス外語カレッジ
TEL:0268-23-7220 FAX:0268-22-4977